I have a new prototype in the works! This website is a little lacking, so please check facebook for more up to date information.

The project is still in a "it gets done, when it gets done" state. However, with that said, I am planning for FCC compliance testing (legally required testing for an electronic product), as early as February 2018.

Its been a long time since a major update on the website, but good things take time!

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Since Spectra is still in the prototype stage, I have not made it a huge priority to attract or reach out to talented artists, beyond my friends and colleagues.  There are a few individuals who have expressed interest in field testing a prototype unit... So if that is something you would like to do, send me an email from the form in the "CONTACT" section and I we can see where to go from there!

In case you are interested, I am looking for musicians who are familiar with electric performance equipment who would be able to use such an instrument to the fullest extent. Performing artists are a must, otherwise it would be a moot point.

My name is David Deininger, and I am making these wonderful instruments that you see before you, which I have aptly named "Spectra". They are illuminated electric violins that I am developing for performers and tinkerers a-like who want something fun to play, or use to wow a crowd.

Spectra is under heavy development, but please check out the "About" section if you want to know more!

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